GMC Acadia 2017 Price in Dubai UAE

  Price Starting from
AED 146,000

Make: gmc

Model: AcadLA

Year: 2017
Rating: 4.2
There is a possibility that 2017 GM would add a four-cylinder and turbocharged V6 to its options list, while the new 3.6L LGX V6 would likely find itself in the engine bay as well. When it comes to cars, you can never be too sure. There are always pros and cons attached to whatever car you will choose. Even the highest rated would have some flaw. But with cars, like anything else, the analysis and comparison is made on how much the car has in terms of comfort and of course value. The two golden principles of car selection. And we provide you a chance to look for those yourselves. We deal with GMC Acadia 2017 sales in Dubai so in order to have a closer look at the GMC Acadia 2017 price in UAE or to find a used GMC Acadia 2017 price and specifications, feel free to contact us. So hurry up and find GMC Acadia 2017 in Dubai, Abu dhabi, Ajman and Sharjah.
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Type of GMC Acadia 2017

GMC Acadia Base 4dr SUV

Make: Gmc

Year: 2017
  • FUEL ECONOMY (CTY/HWY) Not Available
  • TRANSMISSION Not Available
  • BASIC WARRANTY Not Available
  • TOTAL SEATING Not Available
  • CYLINDERS Not Available
  • CONSUMER RATING Not Available

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