Canon 700D Price in Dubai UAE

Canon 700D Price in Dubai, UAE

When Canon first added touchscreen to the Canon EOS 650D, they realized how useful the touchscreen could be. Now adding touchscreen in combination with the buttons instead of replacing the touchscreen is quite a genius idea, we have to give credits where they are due. Anyone and everyone should applaud Canon for its intelligent and unique ideas. This not only made photography, controlling the settings convenient but made it innovative and added style to the new product by Canon.
This magnificent product of Canon i.e. Canon 700D was released into the markets in the month of March of the year 2013. It has been three years and the product is still one of the best you will ever get. The price tag on Canon 700D was around 1300 to 1500 AED. Letís take a look at the specs and an in depth review of Canon 700D.

Design and Build

Instead of introducing a new and different design for the body of Canon 700D, Canon used the same design as its predecessors i.e. Canon EOS 650D. Although the look of the camera is same old and the design is generic, there have been some changes, positive ones though. The only difference you will see in Canon 700D and Canon 650D is that of the mode dial. How? Well the icons on the mode dial are raised embellishments and not just the printed icons as the predecessor of Canon EOS 650D had. Another difference that is noted by the users is that the dial can be rotated 360 degrees unlike the dial on the previous models. It makes shifting modes easier and you donít need to turn back and forth to switch the modes.
The body of Canon 700D may look the same as the prior model of the camera but in terms of texture and feel it is a bit different. Canon 700D is a bit bristlier but not in a bad way that would make you want to put it down. The texture is not only good to feel but also makes the grip firm and better.


Since it is already a known fact that the new Canon 700D has similar functioning as that of Canon EOS 650D. It does not really leave any room for doubt of the performance of Canon EOS 700D. The image quality is similar, only better.
There is touch screen but also buttons, the combo works quite well for the users of Canon 700D. The noise of the camera is quite controlled but the lab tests showed that the Canon 700D showed pictures with a bit on the noisier side. There have been changes made to the functions of the camera for it to capture more enhanced and detailed pictures. So far, the results have not been disappointing. The colors captured are quite natural and real. The raw files tend to capture more details which are later revealed during the processing of the image. Our verdict is that the price of Canon 700D is worth every single penny spent on it.

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The best price for the Canon 700D in Dubai, UAE is AED sold at and delivery within 2-5 days.
The price is valid in all major cities of Dubai including Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah, Fujairah and Al Ain Please check instructions at the specific stores for any deviation.
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